Barb and Larry Swinn

“…final result of our backyard re-do is spectacular!”

After 25 years our back yard pool was a mess, what’s more our whole back yard was looking tired and overgrown and outdated. In short we had to do something. Getting quotes on a pool do-over is frustrating in that most contractors only want to do certain parts that they specialize in and then sub-contract out everything else. We were having difficulty getting a complete picture of what not only what had to be done but also what could be done. McGregor Landscaping provided a complete plan of not only what had to be done but what could be done. The final result of our backyard re-do is spectacular. McGregor Landscaping did everything, from design, build and finish. This Company has not only the equipment but also has a skilled group of individuals who capably handled everything. Our back yard was completed three years ago. We have had no problems arising from any of the work. More importantly our backyard is a huge source of pride for us. Barb and I have no difficulty in recommending Ian and his Company. This is a great Company to work with.